Bus Nordic

Bus Nordic is a collaboration between PTA and PTO national organizations in the Nordic countries and the Nordic capitals. The aim is to establish a common set of bus requirements; a bus Nordic recommended standard.

This document specifies common sector recommendations for a Nordic bus standard to be used when tendering. A bus which meets these recommendations shall be accepted and function equally well among the PTAs throughout the Nordic countries. 

The purpose is to drive vehicle development forward and, in a cost-effective way, create even more attractive buses suiting the needs of the passengers. Common fleet procurement specifications should lower the cost for tendering as well as simplifying movement of buses between cities and across borders.

Bus Nordic requirements are based on the ECE Regulation R 107. It specifies the functional and technical demands of a Nordic bus, which apply over and above current legislation where adaptations to Nordic conditions and passenger needs in the Nordic countries are necessary.  

Emphasis has been put on ensuring that a Nordic bus standard will not hinder competition or innovation. The requirements are made in such a way that the market can meet the demands today. 

This first version of the common standard was ready to be implemented in autumn 2018. The recommendations only apply to new buses registered after the document has been implemented.Representatives from the participating capitals, PTA and PTO.

For further information, please contact Mattias Adell, Swedish Public Transport Association or Lars AnnerbergThe Swedish Bus and Coach Federation.

Bus Nordic